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fold RpiR/Int-type 5-helical array (2000143)
5 helices, array; helices 1 and 5 cap the same open end of a DRBD-type 3-helical bundle

Protein Type

Globular proteinsFold into compact units. Soluble in aqueous solutions


  • family RpiR-like (4000148)
    Pfam 01418, contains two extra helices, one at each termini, overall arrangment of five helices is similar to the helical core of the lambda integrase-like catalytic domain (scop_fa 56350)
    Derived from SCOP 158263
Domains PDB ID RegionMethodResolution
Representative CF domain (8004198)
Uncharacterized HTH-type transcriptional regulator ybbH
complexed with mly, so4

Bacillus subtilis (1423)

 Q45581 3-78

Derived from SCOP domain 148573
rasmol icon 2O3F A:3-78 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.75
Clustered domains rasmol icon 2O3F B:3-78 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.75
rasmol icon 2O3F C:3-78 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.75