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fold PEPCK N-terminal domain-like (2001096)
mixed beta-sheet of 8 strands, order: 14568723; topology is partly similar to that of the PEPCK C-terminal domain
Derived from SCOP 68922

Protein Type

Globular proteinsFold into compact units. Soluble in aqueous solutions


  • family PEPCK-like (4000841)
    Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase, combines both GTP and ATP dependent enzymes: Pfam: PF00821 and PF01293, respectively
    Derived from SCOP 53796
Domains PDB ID RegionMethodResolution
Representative CF domain (8018033)
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase [ATP]
complexed with atp, cl, co2, mg

Escherichia coli K-12 (83333)

 P22259 6-227

Derived from SCOP domain 139141
rasmol icon 2OLR A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.60
Clustered domains rasmol icon 1AQ2 A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.9

Escherichia coli (562)

rasmol icon 1AYL A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.8

Escherichia coli (562)

rasmol icon 1K3C A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.0

Escherichia coli (562)

rasmol icon 1K3D A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.0
rasmol icon 1OEN A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.9
rasmol icon 1OS1 A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.8
rasmol icon 2OLQ A:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.940
rasmol icon 2PXZ X:9-227 The ends of this domain were trimmed X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.23
rasmol icon 2PY7 X:6-227 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.20
Representative CF domain (8018044)
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase, cytosolic [GTP]
complexed with edo, ftb, mn, na, pep

Homo sapiens (9606)

 P35558 23-259

Derived from SCOP domain 91887
rasmol icon 1NHX A:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.10
Clustered domains rasmol icon 1KHB A:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 1.854
rasmol icon 1KHE A:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.4
rasmol icon 1KHF A:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.02
rasmol icon 1KHG A:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.34
rasmol icon 1M51 A:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.25
rasmol icon 2GMV A:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.30
rasmol icon 2GMV B:23-259 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.30