• fold Ferredoxin-like (2000014)
    beta-alpha-beta(2)-alpha-beta; 2 layers, a/b; antiparallel beta-sheet, order: 4132
    Derived from SCOP 54861
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superfamily Dimeric alpha+beta barrel (3000089)
dimerizes through the beta-sheet, forms beta-sheet barrel, closed (n=8, S=12), dimers may assemble in higher oligomers
Derived from SCOP 54909


Domains PDB ID RegionMethodResolution
Representative SF domain (8003305)
Regulatory protein AsnC
complexed with asn, mg, mutant

Escherichia coli (562)

 P0ACI6 67-152

Derived from SCOP domain 130418
rasmol icon 2CG4 A:67-152 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.40
Clustered domains rasmol icon 2CG4 B:67-152 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.40