• fold RbfA-like (2000652)
    formerly: Alpha-lytic protease prodomain-like; alpha-beta(2)-(alpha)-beta, 2 layers: alpha/beta, mixed beta-sheet, order 123, strand 1 is antiparallel to the rest
    Derived from SCOP 54805
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superfamily EspE N-terminal domain-like (3000484)
contains extra C-terminal helix that packs against shorter N-terminal helix
Derived from SCOP 160246


Domains PDB ID RegionMethodResolution
Representative SF domain (8018136)
Type II secretion system protein E
complexed with ca

Vibrio cholerae (666)

 P37093 14-81

Derived from SCOP domain 144990
rasmol icon 2BH1 X:14-81 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.40
Clustered domains rasmol icon 2BH1 Y:14-81 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 2.40