Hypothetical Evolutionary Event

Probable origin of the SulA-like proteins from a RecA-like protein by the truncation of its C-terminal sequence (17)

The cell division inhibitor SulA shares sequence and structural similarity to RecA, but is lacking the C-terminal part of the classical RecA-like fold, possibly, due to the gene truncation by a premature stop codon. The truncated RecA fold is stabilied by the SulA homodimerisation with the formation of a single beta-sheet in the central layer.


  • family SulA-like (4000502)
    Pfam: PF03846; homologous to RecA but lacks its P-loop motif, has a C-terminally truncated RecA-like fold
    Derived from SCOP 89678
  • family RecA/Rad51/KaiC-like ATPases (4004007)
    Unifies several Pfam families on the basis of a closer structural similarity of their ATPase domains: PF00154, PF06745, PF08423, PF10412, PF13481
    Derived from SCOP 52670