Protein Type

Membrane proteins (2)

Associated with membrane of a cell or organelle.


  • fold Voltage-gated potassium channels (2000019)
    oligomeric transmembrane alpha-helical proteins
    Derived from SCOP
  • fold MgtE membrane domain-like (2000095)
    5 transmembrane helices, bundle, right-handed twist
    Derived from SCOP
  • fold BtuC-like (2000362)
    multihelical, 10 transmembrane helices; complex architecture: helices 2-5 and 7-10 are arranged into two similar interlocking structural motifs, related by pseudo two fold symmetry
    Derived from SCOP
  • fold ABC transporter transmembrane region-like (2000951)
    multihelical: six transmembrane helices are arranged into two three-helical interlocking motifs, related by a pseudo two fold symmetry
    Derived from SCOP
  • fold MetI-like (2001053)
    core: 5 transmembrane helices, flattened bundle
    Derived from SCOP
  • fold 3-helical meander layer (2001254)
    3 transmembrane helices arranged in a single layer, meander
    Derived from SCOP