repeated motif InterRelationships

  • One turn of beta-helix in the GXGXG domain-like superfamily (7000027)
    conserved glycine residues occur in beta-arches; the representative structures of three consecutive turns of this beta-helix can be concatenated for structural and sequence similarity searches
  • Dodecapeptide alpha-helical repeat (7000029)
    alpha-alpha superhelix made of 12-residue helical segments, approximately 2.5 units per turn of superhelix; representative structures comprise three consecutive dodecapeptide units
  • Plakin repeat (7000030)
    representative structures of individual repeats in the globular domains of the plakin repeat superfamily
  • Ankyrin repeat (7000031)
    Representative structures are of internal repeat units in multiunit segments
  • mini-Ankyrin repeat (7000032)
    Alpha hairpin repeat unit found in structurally distinct ankyrin and pseudo-ankyrin repeat proteins.