Structural Tag

right-handed twist (6)

An arrangement of alpha-helices in which each helix makes a negative angle to the bundle axis.


  • fold DRBD-type 3-helical bundle (2000000)
    3-helices, bundle, up-and down anticlockwise topology, closed or partly opened, right-handed twist
    Derived from SCOP 46688
  • fold MgtE membrane domain-like (2000095)
    5 transmembrane helices, bundle, right-handed twist
    Derived from SCOP 161092
  • fold PROX1 subdomain-type 4-helical bundle (2000105)
    4 helices, bundle: up-and-down anticlockwise topology, right-hand twist, diamond cross-section, diagonal contact between helices 1 and 3; pseudo twofold symmetry
  • fold CycX/PrpD domain-like (2000127)
    6 helices, up-and-down bundle, right-handed twist; the even-numbered helices are packed around a pseudo three-fold symmetry axis, surrounded by the odd-numbered helices